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Where is Springwater Hill located?

The community of Springwater Hill overlooks stunning Columbia Lake, BC, just 2 kilometres south of Fairmont Hot Springs BC. Scenically nestled between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains.


Where is Springwater Hill located?

The community of Springwater Hill overlooks stunning Columbia Lake, BC, just 2 kilometres south of Fairmont Hot Springs BC. Scenically nestled between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains.


How long is the drive from Calgary AB to Springwater Hill?

Only a 3-hour drive from Calgary AB, the drive takes you through iconic Banff Kootenay National Parks to the four-season destination, Columbia Valley. Only minutes south of commercial hub, Invermere, you will arrive at the entrance to Springwater Hill.


Can I escape the city life for life on the lake at Springwater Hill?

Unlike anywhere else! On the breathtaking shores of Columbia Lake, you are close to the conveniences but a world away from crowds and constant noise. You will experience a unique and timeless mountain lakeside lifestyle – life on the lake at its very best.


Is Springwater Hill located in the Columbia Valley?

Yes. Springwater Hill is in the beautiful Columbia Valley which lies within “The Valley of a Thousand Peaks” – the valley between the Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains. Springwater Hill sits on the shores of the scenic headwaters of the Columbia River, in British Columbia’s East Kootenays.


Is Springwater Hill close to Invermere BC? 

Yes. Springwater Hill is only 20 minutes south of Invermere along Highway 93/95. It is the newest Columbia Lake community offering stunning lakefront property.


What communities are close to Springwater Hill? 

Springwater Hill is minutes from Fairmont Hot Springs and just 20 minutes south of Invermere. It is very close to other Columbia Valley communities as well: Windermere, Canal Flats, Panorama, Wilmer, Radium Hot Springs, Edgewater, Brisco, and Spillimacheen.


Where is Columbia Lake located?

Columbia Lake is 2 kilometres south of Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, a major British Columbia golf course and hot springs destination resort.


How close is Columbia Lake to Lake Windermere?

Columbia Lake is only a few minutes south of Lake Windermere along Highway 93/95. Columbia Lake offers you an enhanced understanding of all life on the lake can be for you and your family.


How large is Columbia Lake?

Columbia Lake is 27 square kilometres, 13.6 km (8.5 miles) long and 2 km (1.2 miles) wide. It is also the largest warm water lake (18 degrees Celsius in July) in the East Kootenay. Columbia Lake is approximately 70% bigger than Lake Windermere which is 16 square kilometres long.  Columbia Lake sits 809 meters (2654 feet) above sea level.


Is Columbia Lake connected to the Columbia River?

Columbia Lake is the scenic headwaters of the Columbia River, the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America (2,000 km/1,243 miles), and empties into the Pacific Ocean at Astoria, Oregon.


Is there a lot of development on Columbia Lake?

No. Almost the entire east side of Columbia Lake is undeveloped; protected conservation lands known as the BC Wildlife Management Area and Columbia Lake Provincial Park. These lands and others protect a whopping 55% of Columbia Lake’s foreshore from development. Hence, property development will only ever be minimal around the lake, leaving it pristine and blissfully uncrowded!


What water activities can you do on Columbia Lake?

Life on Columbia Lake is THE BEST for all water activities – swimming, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and much more. With so few other boats, you almost have the lake to yourself! So, Be Here on Columbia Lake for exhilarating fun!


Are power boats allowed on Columbia Lake?

Yes. Powerboats are allowed on Columbia Lake. And the good news: on any given day, it has only a fraction of the boat traffic compared to that on Lake Windermere.


Is boat traffic busy on Columbia Lake?

On a typical summer long weekend, Columbia Lake has an average of 65 boats compared to 345 on Lake Windermere. So many opportunities to explore peacefully every aspect of life on the lake!


Is there public access to Columbia Lake?

There is one public beach and boat launch located at Tilley Memorial Park at the south end of Columbia Lake in Canal Flats.


Is there good fishing at Columbia Lake?

Fishing is popular on Columbia Lake year-round with mountain whitefish, burbot, kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, bull trout, and cutthroat trout the favoured sport fish.


What is the Aboriginal and European history of the Columbia Lake region?

The Ktunaxa Creation Story clearly points out that Columbia Lake is the main focus of Ktunaxa First Nation’s history. Around Columbia Lake, there are many Indigenous archaeological sites dating back over 4000 years. The Spirit Trail (also known as the Fairmont Trail and the Plains of Nativity) passes along the east shore of Columbia Lake – a transportation route that was used by both First Nations and early European explorers. David Thompson discovered the source of the Columbia River, known as Columbia Lake, in 1807.

Unique from Windermere and Invermere Real Estate. Why life on the lake at Springwater Hill?

Why should I choose Columbia Lake real estate as a BC lakefront real estate investment?

This sought-after lakefront property on Columbia Lake in the Columbia Valley is similar to investing in Lake Windermere, BC real estate 30 years ago.


Why purchase one of these lots for sale on Columbia Lake, BC versus a lot on Lake Windermere, BC? 

All lakes in BC are beautiful! Lake Windermere is a gem! Columbia Lake is pristine and blissfully uncrowded!

Lakefront property at Springwater Hill on Columbia Lake has stunning million-dollar lake views without the million-dollar price tag.


Why do families buy lakefront property on Columbia Lake?

Columbia Lake is peaceful and blissfully uncrowded, particularly compared to nearby Lake Windermere. Springwater Hill is an escape – a truly exclusive lakeside retreat, perfect to create a lifetime of family memories. Families never regret the extra 20-minute drive south from Invermere and Lake Windermere to enjoy the tranquillity of life on Columbia Lake – a picture-perfect slice of lakefront paradise in the Rocky Mountains!


What outdoor recreational amenities are close to Springwater Hill?

Outside your back doors are numerous Columbia Valley golf courses, Rocky Mountain ski resorts, the Fairmont Hot Springs, and endless walking, hiking, and biking terrain.


What unique amenity is closest to Springwater Hill?

It is only a short walk to Coy’s Par3 Golf Course to play a round of golf, to savour a burger and beer on the deck, or to enjoy an ice cream treat with the kids.


Are grocery stores or shopping close by?

It is a short drive to the Fairmont Mountainside Market to purchase groceries.   For dining out, there are several local favourites: enjoy a homecooked meal at From Scratch A Mountain Kitchen; grab take out from Fairmont Pizza and Ice Parlour; or pick up a delicious Greek meal at  Tony’s Greek Grill. For gifts and other shopping, pick up a unique gift or houseware at the Purple Cow Gift Shop. And then only 20 minutes away find yourself at Invermere with all its shops and businesses.

Lots for sale at Springwater Hill

How many lots are for sale at Springwater Hill?

Springwater Hill is a small, exclusive community featuring 19 lots, each with its owning breathtaking view of the Columbia Lake and the Rocky Mountains.


What sizes are the lots for sale at Springwater Hill?

The lots for sale range in size from 1/3 to a full acre.


What type of outdoor space is available on the land for sale?

Outdoor space is plentiful and makes for the best of life on the lake! A true escape from city living as each lake view lot for sale has been carefully planned to accommodate, after building a house, a natural envelope to promote the creation of private and peaceful outdoor living spaces.


Is the land for sale serviced with utilities?

The lots for sale have been serviced with underground water, sewer, BC hydro, propane, and telecommunications (Telus and Shaw).


Do the lots have lake views of Columbia Lake?

Every lot has a lake view! The backdrop for these magnificent views of Columbia Lake is the western slope of the majestic Rocky Mountains!


What is the community development vision for Springwater Hill?

The Springwater Hill vision assures a sense of magic and outdoors. It has been designed to inspire homeowners to create modern, expressive home and site designs, so as to contribute to the unique and gentle “spirit” of the community.


Are there architectural Design Guidelines to help design and build a home at Springwater Hill?

At Springwater Hill, there are architectural “Design Guidelines” to help you design and build your own house – a “mountain modern” home on Columbia Lake in the Rocky Mountains.


What style of home can be built at Springwater Hill?

The Springwater Hill Design Guidelines embrace “mountain modern” architecture. The style of home will showcase the land and feature enduring home building materials that reflect the environment and surroundings.


Why are there specific Design Guidelines at Springwater Hill?

The Springwater Hill Design Guidelines protect a homeowner’s investment and establishes the foundation for a well-planned, aesthetically appealing community.

Community Amenities at Springwater Hill

What is the Beach House at Springwater Hill?

The Beach House is a community-owned building near the shore at Springwater Hill. It gives the community a place to gather on its large deck overlooking Columbia Lake.


Can we barbeque at the Beach House?

Under the shade sails of the community Beach House is a barbeque and deck furniture to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.


What is stored inside the Beach House?

Community kayaks and SUPs (stand-up paddleboards) are stored inside the Beach House and available for the community to use.


Does Springwater Hill have access to Columbia Lake for boating?

Springwater Hill has one of only four boat launch access points on Columbia Lake. The boat launch is private for the homeowners at Springwater Hill.


Is there an area to store a boat at the Beach House?

Just beyond the Beach House is a lakeside parking area for boat storage or storage of other watercraft. This watercraft/boat storage area has easy access to Columbia Lake to launch your boat or other watercraft.


Are there fees to maintain the Beach House and other community amenities?

There are minimal fees within the community annual budget to maintain the Beach House, beach, boat launch, and community kayaks & SUPS.


Does Springwater Hill have streetlights?

NO STREETLIGHTS! Escape the city – it’s all about the fresh mountain air and stunning views of Columbia Lake. And, above all, a sea of glittering stars at night.


Can I experience BC wildlife?

Living at Springwater Hill on Columbia Lake you can expect glimpses of BC wildlife – your wild neighbours! Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep climb deftly along nearby bluffs and elk and deer graze the surrounding grasslands. Quietly observe a variety of birdlife: White-throated Swifts, Bald Eagles, Osprey, the regal and solitary Great Blue Heron.

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