Springwater Hill near Fairmont Hot Springs BC

Springwater Hill lake home design guidelines embrace a “Mountain Modern” architectural style.  A style that lends itself to a simple design and large windows letting in natural light.  Living in a “mountain modern” home one feels in harmony with the natural landscape. 

Fresh mountain design: unencumbered glass and wood tucked into a rustic Rocky Mountain setting for an unparalleled modern lakeside retreat.


Fresh mountain lake home design : unencumbered glass and wood tucked into a rustic Rocky Mountain setting for an unparalleled modern lakeside retreat.

Interior of a modern mountain house
A house in the mountains
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Springwater Hill - Enjoy your modern mountain house!

Modern meets mountain cabin – the ultimate in Rocky Mountain living on the shores of Columbia Lake

Mountain Modern lake home design offers a fresh yet minimalist experience – not your traditional mountain cabin! 


The rustic mountain home we typically think of is often characterized by simple rectangles, classic A-frame, and gables. By contrast, your mountain modern retreat at Springwater Hill will include streamlined elegance – clean and uncluttered – that integrates seamlessly into its surroundings. Simplicity of design that encourages efficiency and sustainability in both maintenance and lifestyle. 


Part of the landscape rather than simply sitting atop it, the Springwater Hill mountain modern home fosters a deeper sense of connection and harmony with the natural landscape. 

The exterior design of a home at Springwater Hill creates a distinctive, twenty-first-century take on the Rocky Mountain living experience: 


    • Simplicity in exterior profile, nothing fussy. The shed roof design is one of the cleanest, most practical geometries in roof structure – streamlined, efficient, and innovative.
    • Oversized eaves and understated exterior details and patterns create a modern style as they merge visually into the form of the home.  
    • Natural sources such as timber and stone comprise your home’s finishes. Mountain modern relies on distinctive building materials and their unique and complementary juxtaposition – rough stone to smooth glass, textured concrete and silky smooth woodwork, for instance. 
    • Texture rather than colour – exterior colour palettes of muted, dark, calming shades with accents such as charcoal finishes and architecturally exposed steel.
    • Leverage the variations in elevation through the technique of building massing to minimize the impact on the landscape.  
    • Make the most of the land and the outdoors through an integrated relationship between the indoors and outdoors to facilitate a deeper connection to the surrounding environment. The outdoors becomes part of the total living space – oversized sliding doors to entertainment zones, expansive windows, walkout basements.  


Make a Springwater Hill lot yours.  Be here on Columbia Lake.

A house in the mountains

This is your forever home