Springwater Hill near Fairmont Hot Springs BC

Foremost to the outdoor adventure at Springwater Hill is lake living. Columbia Lake boating and other life-at-the-lake recreation including swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, fishing, sailing, relaxing at the waters edge and much more. Possibilities are endless here at Columbia Lake!

Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Kayaking
Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Paddleboarding
Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Fishing
Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Wakeboarding
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Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Lounging
Springwater Hill lake life on Columbia Lake - sailing
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Springwater Hill Columbia Lake - waterskiing
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Springwater Hill - Enjoy your modern mountain house!

Living the dream. Between the fresh air and outdoors; the mountains, the water, and the range of activities available — time spent on Columbia Lake, just minutes from Lake Windermere, is just simply… dreamy.

But, there’s imagining what days spent on the lake could be, and then there’s the real thing. 

Time on Columbia Lake? Absolutely dreamy… but it is also very real! Ask anyone who’s already here.

What does lake life look like? Whether you’re in the water, walking along the scenic shores, or simply appreciating time with friends and family amidst the blissful surroundings at home, life takes on a new sense of connection.

A taste of a day in the life:

Morning has never smelled so good…  fresh morning mountain air through your open patio doors. The sun rises over the craggy peaks of Fairmont Range towering over the lake. Feel its gentle warmth as you prepare to welcome the day. Enjoy coffee on the deck. The stillness of the lake – bright, clear, and glittering – beckons.

Hear the sounds of nature — hummingbirds, robins, and loons from across the lake. The breeze through the leaves above.

Ready to experience the peaceful turquoise waters in the warmth of the rising sun — your paddleboard awaits. Skim silently across the glassy surface, paddles against the water and the ducks beyond all you can hear. A walk in the mountain air! Up to the old trough – spring water trickling through the lushness of the hillside. The sweet mountain air fills your nostrils. Take in the striking lake and mountain views as you walk the quiet road above.

Putter in your kitchen oasis preparing for an afternoon at the beach. Don’t forget to enjoy the lake view beyond!

Lunchtime! Enjoy a picnic on the shore with family and friends! 

Kayak with the kids! Rowing, splashing, and exploring, appreciate all the natural beauty and tranquility of Columbia Lake. You may even see a lone Great Blue Heron in the grasses of the Columbia River wetlands. 

As you consider your dinner plans, if there’s anything you need – a bottle of BC wine, perhaps?! – the grocery store in Fairmont Hot Springs is only moments away!

Enjoy a delicious BBQ on the deck as you take in the view, reflecting on the incredible setting you’ve enjoyed all day. As the sun dips behind the mountains behind you, to your west, you break out the marshmallows to roast by the fire. Invite your friends and neighbours – the company is as warm as your backyard fire!

Pleasantly exhausted and relaxed, the heat of the day dissolves into darkness and a sea of glittering stars. It’s OK for everybody to stay up late… laughing and sharing the magic that is life on the lake.

Springwater Hill - Enjoy your modern mountain house!

This is your lake life