Springwater Hill near Fairmont Hot Springs BC

The land at Springwater Hill has a story to tell.  It is a story where people discover this very special place along the shore of Columbia Lake … quiet and away from it all. 

This land has been discovered and rediscovered for hundreds of years and the experience continues to be a very personal one. This land that is Springwater Hill truly is a piece of paradise, with its hill that transports you from spring to lake, from road to peace. You arrive at a place of solitude, a place to explore, a community of like-minded seekers.

Land where memories are made
Land that speaks to us
Land that connects us

Springwater Hill history - Margret
It felt like home immediately and always.

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know two people whose love story is inextricably linked with Springwater Hill. Wolfgang and Margret were on their honeymoon in July 1960, heading north from a tour that included Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. They happened upon the Hillside Motel, just off the highway. They remember the week as though it were yesterday – it was beautiful every single day. At the time, there was a small pool at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort which Margret, a lifelong swimmer, frequented. The mountain views, the lake, the solitude were enough to keep the couple coming back for many years from their home in Edmonton.

It was a retreat just for us
Springwater Hill - Fall in love with Columbia Lake Views
Rocky Mountain Lake views with Wolfgang and Margret