Living the Dream! Quality Time Spent on Columbia Lake. A Day in the Life…

Living the Dream! Quality Time Spent on Columbia Lake. A Day in the Life…

It’s time to start living the dream! A day in the life spent on Columbia Lake.

Living the dream. Between the fresh air and outdoors; the mountains, the water, and the variety of activities possible, contemplating time spent on Columbia Lake, just minutes from Lake Windermere, is simply dreamy.

But, there’s imagining what days spent on the lake could be, and then there’s the real thing. 

Time on Columbia Lake? Real and dreamy! 

Experience time spent on Columbia Lake: along the shores, on the water, and simply appreciating friends, family, and the blissful surroundings… a day in the life.

7:00 – Smell the coffee brewing. The inviting aroma combines with the fresh morning air drifting through the screened patio doors. The sun appears over the rugged Fairmont Range across the lake, already warming the bedroom. 

7:15 – We take our coffee on the deck. The lake below is bright, sparkling, and still; beckoning us to glide across her glassy surface. Soon….  

We take our first hot sips in peaceful silence, save for the bold vibration of our summer friend, Hank, the hummingbird, drawing sugary nectar from the nearby wildflowers. We hear children stirring indoors.

8:00 – Fully caffeinated with a local brew and paddle boards in tow, the still, turquoise waters bring us out early to take in the warmth of the quickly rising sun. We gently skim the glassy surface; our paddles against the water and the ducks and loons beyond the only sounds.

9:30 – A walk in the mountain air! We pass the old trough – spring water trickling through the lush green. The air smells so sweet! Not surprising, a familiar face from the neighbourhood – she smiles and nods as she jogs past. We admire the aquamarine of Columbia Lake on our stroll along the Lake Road above.

11:00 – Leisurely puttering in my kitchen oasis – breathing in the lake view beyond – tidying from breakfast and preparing a delectable picnic lunch at the lake today.

Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Paddleboarding
Connect with Nature just south of Windermere, BC
An Evening on Columbia Lake

Lunchtime! With family and friends, and loaded with goodies, we walk down to the beach to enjoy a relaxed lunch on the shore.

1:00 – Enticed into kayaks with the kids! Rowing, splashing, and exploring, we appreciate the beauty and tranquility of Columbia Lake. There’s a lone Great Blue Heron, all wings and legs, in the grasses of the Columbia River wetlands; fellow lake lovers on kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes wave as we pass.

2:15 – As we paddle homeward, we see Dad behind the wheel of a slowly meandering ski boat loaded with neighbourhood friends and waterskis preparing for an afternoon of exhilarating fun – with so few other boats, they’ll almost have the lake to themselves!

3:00 – Siesta on the shore! Time with a favourite book and perhaps a snooze in my beach chair.

4:00 – Someone breaks out the watermelon! A perfect pre-dinner refresh. We accept the neighbours invite to their fire pit after dinner.

4:30 – A quick dash to nearby Fairmont Hot Springs to pick up a few last minute ingredients for dinner and a bottle of BC wine!

6:00 – A tasty BBQ on the deck as we take in the view of the incredible setting we’ve enjoyed all day. The day is still wonderfully warm, and the burgers disappear fast after an active day in the sunshine and fresh air.

8:30 – At the neighbour’s roasting marshmallows – s’ mores for dessert! The company is lovely, and the fire is warm as the heat of the day dissolves into darkness and a sea of glittering stars. We stay up far too late… laughing and sharing the magic that is life on the lake.

This “day in the life” could be YOUR day!

Make it real and discover Springwater Hill on Columbia Lake – breathtaking view lots and lake access. Hours of lake experiences await!

Come and experience it for yourself!

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Take in the views and walk this land through which the water flows. Explore life on the lake, along the creek, below the spring… and the possibility of owning a piece of paradise. 

Discover Springwater Hill and your life on Columbia Lake.