Why We Keep Dreaming… Mountain and Lake Life

Why We Keep Dreaming… Mountain and Lake Life

As we move through crisis, our dreams of Rocky Mountain and lake life sustain us.

The mountains shall bring peace to the people. No truer words.


We’ve all seen the sign on the highway as we leave Sinclair Canyon into Radium and gasped as the sheer drama and majesty of the Columbia Valley takes our breath away. If you make that drive regularly, you know it’s a scene that plays over and over — the view, the experience slightly different each time — and never gets old. 


The view draws us in, welcoming us back, and we surrender willingly to that familiar sense of calm. Tranquility. Peace. 


We’re home. 

Springwater Hill - Columbia Lake activities - Paddleboarding
Connect with Nature just south of Windermere, BC
An Evening on Columbia Lake

Redefining home. Your new mountain and lake life beckons…

As you make your way south through breathtaking Columbia Valley, with each scenic kilometre you experience an enhanced understanding of what life in the mountains can mean:

A craggy and rugged shield from the chaos of the world beyond. A connection with nature unlike any that you’ve experienced before. A deeper sense of place.

Nowhere is this truer than on Columbia Lake. Nestled between the Rockies and the Purcells, its waters are pristine and blissfully uncrowded. The azure waters of Columbia Valley’s warmest lake offer everything you imagine mountain and lake life to be.

It’s the ultimate in Rocky Mountain leisure and paradise: time suspended, where you revel in family, the outdoors, serenity. With waters calm and crystal clear, it beckons swimmers, boaters, and paddlers. On welcome breezy days, windsurfers and kiteboarders delight.

The shores of the lake are alive and offer remarkable encounters with our wild neighbours – Osprey, Bald Eagles, the Great Blue Heron and the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

Walk, hike, and bike — explore the endless trails and backcountry roads of both the Rockies and Purcells. Unspoiled, glacier-fed mountain lakes and expansive alpine meadows of wildflowers; a new hidden gem every day, if you choose!

No matter your favourite pursuits, Columbia Lake is a safe and peaceful place where reflective solitude coexists harmoniously with a spirit of community connection and a oneness with nature – an experience like no other.

Despite the uncertainty, the mountains are our constant: we’ll keep dreaming about mountain living and life on the lake because this too shall pass.

Endlessly picturesque and serene. Discover what mountain and lake living could mean to you at Springwater Hill.

It’s easy to get here: drive south from Windermere, past Fairmont Hot Springs. Turn left off the highway at Coy’s Par 3 Golf Course and arrive at Springwater Hill.

Springwater Hill is an exclusive neighbourhood hidden along the shores of Columbia Lake offering stunning, unobstructed lake view lots.  The private lake access provides opportunities to explore every aspect of life at the lake.

A fresh take on lake and mountain life begins as you choose one of these lots to make your own. Your home-building adventure adds to the excitement of owning a piece of paradise.

Come and see for yourself! Experience these breathtaking view lots on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, August 1 – August 3, between 10 am and 4 pm.

Make a Springwater Hill lot yours.  Be here on Columbia Lake.

Discover Springwater Hill and your life on Columbia Lake.